Wednesday, March 23, 2011

5 year anniversary: Part II - Bubble tea and Place Des Arts

Part II of my amazing day...

After the spa, we were both starving! We went to Chinatown for some yummy and incredibly-cheap Chinese pastries. BBQ pork buns, egg tarts and other delicious treats! 6$ fed two extremely hungry adults-who-eat-like-teenagers. Not bad, eh? No pictures unfortunately because I gulped down everything before the camera can even be turned on.

Then Y wanted to go to Magic Idea for bubble teas. We actually had our first date there so it brought back a lot of memories. :) However, the place is so run down now, it's almost decomposing under our feet. I ordered a pineapple milk bubble tea, one of my favorites! Actually, I think I ordered the same thing on our first date! Y ordered a green tea milk bubble tea, which wasn't nearly sweet enough for me. Again, no pictures because I just forgot to take out my camera. I'm not the take-pictures-of-everything type after all :) While the bubble teas are still good, the service was just awful. The waitress was so rude and bitchy. It used to be a great place to hang out with friends and chat while drinking bubble tea, now it's just so old and sad looking. :(

With yummy food in our bellies and our appetite finally satisfied, we had time to kill until our 6pm restaurant reservation (yes, more food! haha) so we decided to check out the newly renovated Place Des Arts. It wasn't entirely finished yet, but the areas that were completed were really beautiful. It was very modern and had an "artistry" feel to it...exactly how it is supposed to be!

[Not my picture]
I especially liked this wall displayed at the Georges-Emile-Lapalme Cultural space. It consists of a mosaic of 35 changing video screens and each screen interacts with the adjacent ones. Very cool!

We walked past the ticket booth and remembered that tickets for The Lion King broadway went on sale yesterday! We were so excited when we learned that the show is coming to Montreal and couldn't wait to get our hands on some tickets! We were planning to buy our tickets online, but since we were already here, why not buy them now? We got lucky and were able to snatch good seats: floor level, in the middle at the back. The pair cost 150$ which is pretty decent for an award winning show! :) We later learned that they charged a 20$ fee when tickets are booked online so it was definitely a good thing that we bought them directly at the ticket booth! Yay, I love finding out that I saved money! haha

At 5pm, we made our way to Studzio, the French restaurant where we made dinner reservations. I will post a review on it later, but I found the food to be extremely disappointing. The dishes were bland and not well executed. The only downside to our amazing day. :(

Overall, our day together was incredible. Y did a great job at planning this whole day (I should make let him do the planning more often. ^_^) I feel so lucky to be with someone who is so sweet, thoughtful and just so...amazing! :) For the past 5 years, we have been through so much together. There has been countless moments of joy and laughter, but also many disagreements and difficult times. But we got through these rough patches and while there will be many more ahead, I'm confident we'll be able to overcome them. He is truly my soul mate, my best friend and (to borrow a term from a contestant on Top Chef) my sous-chef in life. He is my #1 supporter and this blog's #1 fan. :)

I'm looking forward to many more anniversaries together. Happy 5 year anniversary baby! I'm so grateful to have you in my life. I love you ♥


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