Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I ♥ Homesense + Winners

Since I started my blog, I discovered how important it is to take beautiful pictures of food. After all, you eat with your eyes first. Thanks to my recent purchase of a Canon G10 camera (that I absolutely adore!), I have the right equipment for stunning photos. What I need is new dinnerware to showcase my food on. Most of our dishes are hands-me-downs from my boyfriend's mother and aunt and I realized that taking pictures of non-asian food (or any type of food really!) on asian style plates just doesn't work. So up until now, my meals were always presented on the same 2 dishes...bought at the dollar store no less lol.

Since we seriously needed to replace all these old dishes and I needed new plates for my blog pictures, I've been on dinnerware shopping sprees for the last week. I went to Pier 1 Import, Benix, Bowring, Déco Découverte and The Bay...all in vain. The dishes were either too expensive, too plain or too heavy. (I hate heavy dishes because they're a pain to wash). Then, I remembered I had a 40$ giftcard from Winners (a gift from my lovely ex-boss, Maria. Thanks Maria!) so I decided to make a quick visit to the downtown Winners. And I hit the jackpot! Beautiful stuff for amazing prices! Two days later, I went to the Homesense/Winners closer to my place and I hit an ever bigger jackpot! Let me share my haul with you...


Clockwise, starting from bottom left: Elongated bowl with weird/modern shape, Winners 6.99$ each - Rectangular plate, Homesense 6.99$ each - Set of 4 "cereal bowls". Apparently some people eat their cereals in these teeny weeny bowls. Not me. I'll use them as rice bowls. Winners 9.99$ for the set - Big ass bowls for pho (vietnamese soup) for the boyfriend, Homesense 5.99$ each - Plates and bowls with beautiful flower patterns, Homesense on sale 3.00$ each.


I saw this and couldn't resist. A heart shaped kitchen towels hanger? I HAD to have it. Homesense 3.99$

bed 2bed6

Came across this gorgeous bedding set at Homesense! We have been looking for a nice bedding set since we moved in. The patterns always looked too plain or too complex, too childish or too old-lady like, too masculine or too feminine, too dark or too colorful...Well, we were never satisfied...until now. I thought it looked a bit feminine but my boyfriend loves it, so I'm not gonna complain! It includes a comforter, a bedskirt and 2 pillowcases AND it was on SALE for 79.99$ AND it matches our bedroom walls! It was meant to be :)

So, what are you waiting for? Run to the Winners near you! haha. I sound like a commercial. Yes, I loooove Winners and Homesense.


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