Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lyla aka Vietnamese Grill Heaven


Lyla is my family's go-to restaurant when we are craving pho or grilled meat. Located on Jean-Talon, near Park metro, you can find plenty of parking spaces in front of the restaurant (although you need to pay for the parking meter) or in the small side streets. Its modern decor and cleanliness sets it apart from most vietnamese pho restaurants. At Lyla, you don't need to wipe your chopsticks and spoon before using them. :)

We tried out the restaurant when it first opened 8 years ago, it received the nod of approval from my mother (who is very picky about vietnamese food) and we have been going there ever since. The pho is quite tasty, but as the years went by, the portion has been getting smaller and smaller. A large bowl doesn't quite fill me up anymore. How do I satisfy my huge appetite? Two words: Grilled meat! Whether you choose chicken, beef or pork, they are seasoned and grilled to perfection and served with nuoc mam (vietnamese fish sauce), fresh salad and your choice of vermicelli or rice.

Since we haven't been to Lyla for a while, my dad, sister, boyfriend and I decided to go to the there for supper last Thursday. My mom has to work and couldn't join us unfortunately. :(


My dad, boyfriend and I all ordered the bun thit nuong cha gio (vermicelli with grilled pork and spring roll). It was delicious! The spring roll was crispy and flavorful.


My sister took a combo (as she always does, the pig! lol). It came with a small bowl of pho (not pictured) and a plate of grilled chicken with rice and a spring roll. I tasted this dish in the past and let me tell you, it is de-lec-table!


My father and boyfriend each ordered a ca phe sua da (vietnamese iced coffee). It is coffee brewed with a small metal drip filter, then mixed with sweetened condensed milk and poured over ice. This one was sweeter than what I'm used to, but since I LOVE sweet drinks/desserts, I didn't mind it at all.


I kept the best for last. Every time I go to Lyla, I HAVE to order this drink: sinh to sau rieng (durian smoothie). I don't care what people say, I think durians smell (and taste) delicious! If you have never tried durian, you are missing out on A LOT! Lyla uses real durian in their smoothies. I know because the whole restaurant smells when they make my smoothie! haha. If you find the smell of durian off-putting, the smoothies also come in other exotic flavors: jack fruit, sour sop and other I can't remember.

Lyla offers an array of flavorful and authentic vietnamese dishes and it will remain a staple among my family for many years to come. I know I will always come back for the durian smoothie! :)

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Setting: 4.5/5
Value: 4/5
Overall: 4.2/5

405 Jean-Talon W.
Montreal, Qc H3N 1P9
(514) 272-8332

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elizabethranger said...

I took your advice on the Durian smoothie (I also love durian) and you are SO SO right, it is AMAZING! I biked all the way there thinking how good it would be, and I spent most of the bike ride back wishing it were bigger. (the Pho was awesome, too ;)

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