Monday, January 31, 2011

Evolution of Kathy's cooking

I was browsing through my old pictures yesterday and came across some serious porn that is :) The first pictures dated back from July 2007. When I looked at them, I realized how much my cooking has changed...for the best! Almost 4 years ago, my meals consisted mostly of processed and frozen food.

What you should know is, I've never really been much of a cook until recently. When I was at home, my parents did most all of the cooking. Apart from the occasional ramen, I never cooked. Yes, I was so very spoiled. When I moved out 1 1/2 years ago, I had no choice but to cook for myself. At first, I did what I did best: reheat canned and frozen food. Then, due to an unfortunate (or maybe fortunate) turn of events, I was forced to take one year off at school. It was during that year that I discovered my passion for cooking. With all the free time on my hands, I started to cook more complicated meals and experience with things that was unknown to me up until then, like baking (Because using cake mix doesn't count!).

I realized that you don't need much time and energy to cook a delicious and healthy meal. I can proudly say that now, I make my own pasta sauce and pie crust and unless I have no time at all, I don't cook with frozen or canned goods. Hmm...I lied. I just looked in the freezer and found the frozen tortellini I bought at Costco...Well, you know what? From now on, no more frozen tortellinis! I'll make my own from scratch. I'll definitely keep you updated and post a recipe once I have a good one. :)


Here is an example of a typical dinner that I would make 3 1/2 years ago. *cue horror music!* Reheated frozen chicken tournedos with a side of Knorr Sidekick chicken-flavored pasta and steamed veggies with parmesan. This is actually the first picture that I took of a dish that I cooked! I made this at my boyfriend's apartment (before we moved in together) and we would eat this (plus or minus a few variations) ALL THE TIME!


And this is a meal that my boyfriend cooked for me: grilled salmon and zucchini skewers. Yuummm! A few months back, he made pan seared scallops with a balsamic dressing as a surprise dinner for me on Valentine's day. Unfortunately, we didn't take a picture of that. :( He was such a good cook!...and still is. :) Except now, he is more of my sous-chef as I monopolized the kitchen.

Because everybody loves food porn, here are a few dishes I made over the last year...They are not in chronological order, but you can guess which ones are older (bad picture, doesn't look that appetizing, etc.)



*wipes off the trail of drool forming on the corner of mouth* lol As you can see, I came a long way from the girl who managed to burn water. I'll post some of these recipes when I'll be making them again...And I'll include better pictures! :)


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