Monday, January 31, 2011

No more dried basil!


The other day, I was complaining to my dad that I never get to use fresh basil in my pasta. It's always such a hassle to go to the store every time I need basil, especially when they sell them in a big pack and I only need a few leaves. I always end up throwing most of it away because they spoil after a few days. This is such a waste! And I hate wasting. Especially wasting food. So I stopped buying fresh basil and started using the dried kind. While much more convenient, it lacked the flavor and scent of the fresh basil. It failed to give that "ummm..." factor to my dishes. You know, that moment after you take your first bite, you close your eyes, let all the flavors invade you and reflexively let out a "ummmm..."? Only a true foodie can understand what I'm talking about :P


So the next day, my father being awesome as he is, came back with this marvelous plant! It smells so good and...fresh! The bad thing was I had to take it back to my apartment which means I had to take it out in the freezing cold. It seemed to have been shocked by the cold weather because when I brought it back, some of the leaves were drooping. I watered it and now, as you can see from the pictures, it looks a little better. The last time I owned a basil plant, it died miserably after only a few days. Well, given the fact that it was grown indoor in an apartment with almost no sunlight AND during the winter, it didn't stand much of a chance! This one will live in the same conditions, except that it will have much more sunlight. I hope that will be enough for it to last until the summer. *crosses fingers* I'll keep definitely keep you posted!


Katherine said...

Didn't they die?!?!?!

Kathy said...

Yea, they did. *cries*

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